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Negotiation and Compromise
The Great Mother, a symbol of altruistic love, goddess of fertility and Spring… how cruel could she really become when what she loves most is taken from her?
By Vasiliki Konti

As a personal planet in our horoscope, Ceres describes:
a) our personal Power to negotiate circumstances, our ability in this area, and the manner in which we achieve our targets through negotiation;  whether we compromise easily, whether we readily give in, what kind of bargains do we strike in the end, and finally, whether we sacrifice much or little on the altar of happiness.
b) our ability to nurture – to altruistically take care of somebody, of others.
c) in mundane astrology charts, it refers to the environment
and finally,
d) in political astrology it pertains to power struggles.
Mother of nature and life on earth, she is linked with the star signs of Cancer (motherhood) and Virgo (health, working through nutrition), and with the Taurus-Scorpio axis (contrasting Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto, as Taurus’ ruler).
Ceres as the ruler of Cancer
She is considered the mother of Earth, patron of farming and symbol of the Altruistic, unconditional love that only a mother can bestow to her child. The star sign of Cancer would probably be best suited to assert Ceres’ rulership. Her need to provide nutrition, to nurture and care deeply for others, links her with the star sign of nurturing, while – always on the experimental level – her transits or progressions regularly indicate periods of pregnancy, labour, the bringing up of children etc. Cancer is a star sign emotional in its nature, much like the nature of the tender mother that offers love and support during her baby's first steps and lays the foundation for the development of his future faith in himself and his self-esteem.  Moreover, as a maternal pattern, she describes precisely the manner in which a child receives maternal care on growing up and which will consequently also define him as a parent in the future!  Self-esteem, faith in one’s abilities, certainties and insecurities develop through the first experiences of acceptance and guidance by the steady, full of love, maternal hand. If it is absent for any reason, how many psychological complexes could evolve, and what kind of relationships would we develop as adults, given that we are habitually reproducing our parents' example?
Ceres as the ruler of Virgo
A goddess that is represented next to crops of wheat, patron of earth, she symbolises the growth and production of agricultural products.   As the ruler of Cancer, she implies food as the means of survival of a baby stepping on maternal love and care. As the ruler of Virgo she implies food as our organism’s means of supply in order to gain strength, and deal with everyday labour and duties (Virgo matters). Therefore it often appears prominent – in the star sign of Virgo, in the charts of people whose services are offered in the fields of hospitality, agriculture and nutrition (health and work combined). In addition, Ceres’ maternal interest in food focuses on matters of health or nursing as a means of therapeutic – medicinal treatment. In any case, we all know that the best pharmacy is nature itself and its products. Herbs, vitamins, and all ingredients necessary for our system's regeneration are to be found aplenty in trees and plants. Health and dietary habits are closely related to the star sign of Virgo and to professions that also see Ceres at a key position.

Researchers of astrology have also attributed to Ceres a special relationship with the Taurus-Scorpio axis. As Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto symbolises psychologically (and literally) death and rebirth, while Taurus on the other side, symbolises a seed’s growth and development. When the daughter, Persephone, was violently separated from the mother, Ceres, came forth the negative manifestation in denial of growth, drought, the threat of death by lack of food. We once again come across the psychological meaning of death and rebirth, as well as the notion of pain and separation, separation anxiety, abandonment and intense sorrow that may well cross the threshold of depression.

CERES and its aspects with planets of the natal chart.
In aspect with the Sun:
It brings professional issues in the forefront. The person determines his personality through professional choices and often faces trouble in his personal relations precisely because of that.
In aspect with the Moon:
They assign great importance to children—and if they don't have any of their own, to the ones closest to them (nephews etc). If they have nobody to take care of, they feel as if they are losing their identity. Extremely open to compromising their wishes, even if they have to give everything away! They easily justify their loved ones’ mistakes, and should they fail to impose boundaries on their relationships, they could end up badly hurt.
In aspect with Mercury:
Written communication takes on a different significance and is a marked talent.  They are in the habit of writing and putting all their emotions on paper.  They find it difficult to compromise, as they tend to retreat easily in themselves and think too much.
In aspect with Venus:
They tend to go chase the perfect love. They entangle their emotions and finances and are very good in compromising provided they have feelings for somebody.
In aspect with Mars:
Extremely resilient to hard work, they usually mature early due to family conditions (e.g. absent father). They are marvellously energetic and have a strong desire for love and tenderness. They are easily hurt and never hesitate to take a risk in their negotiations.
In aspect with Jupiter:
Successful people, even if the aspect is hard. They manage to secure their fellows' help in the nicest manner, and always identify the right spot that will lead to the best possible compromise.
In aspect with Saturn:
Born adults, they enjoy adopting a paternal role when young. Responsibility and taking care of their family is expected from them, a reality which in time may harbour multiple complexes. They fail to see how they could provide space for action to others in their environment.
In aspect with Uranus:
They much prefer friendly to passionate relationships! They usually prefer long-distance relationships with people of a different age group to themselves. They have a difficult relationship with their mother, who is practically absent in most cases.
In aspect with Neptune:
They lack a clear self-image and may be sensitive and charitable offering more than they should.  They believe in unconditional love and pursue it desperately risking to lose their own self in the process.
In aspect with Pluto:
They bear enormous strength and possess strong negotiation skills.  They are capable of achieving anything! When Ceres is in soft aspects, their goal is rather significant and they resort to compromise in order to attain it. When she is in hard aspects, they abandon anything for their target’s sake.
In aspect with the Lunar Nodes:

They develop skills as they are interested in approaching relationships whose workings they ignore.  They form relationships with people of power.

In aspect with the MC:
Their career is their personal identity.
In aspect with the ASC:
They hold the ability to successfully project themselves.
Ceres’ return is considered a significant period during which the personality undergoes a reorientation. Parent-child relationships are established on new bases and greater understanding is developed. 
Characteristic aspects of Ceres are to be found in the natal charts of politicians, prominent figures, diplomats, but also in those of scientific researchers whose research revised antiquated ways of approach and established new data:
Napoleon Bonaparte and Andreas Papandreou’s Ceres was in close conjunction to their Sun. Alice Bailey, Helena Blavatsky and Alan Leo's Ceres is closely aspected by Uranus. They all opened new, revolutionary paths in teaching their subject.
In Albert Einstein’s natal chart, we come across a narrow Ceres-Pluto aspect. The proof of his theory radically changed what was then known regarding the nature of the Universal Cosmos.
The negotiations between the 40th president of the USA, Ronald Reagan, and his then counterpart, Mikhail Gorbachev, are considered to have laid the foundation for ending the Cold War era, by means of reducing nuclear weapons and of the political reshuffle in Eastern Europe. Ceres is to found in a prominent position in both their natal charts: Gorbachev’s is conjunct his ascendant and his South Node, while Reagan's is at 21 degree Aries, in the tenth house, forming an exact square with Uranus, Mercury and Neptune (Ceres is in fact participating in a T-square aspect) opposite Juno from Libra (family problems with his children from his first marriage).
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